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Better Half Bitter Half was started by two sisters, who strived to find humor in many difficult situations that faced their families. As their father was undergoing hip surgery, the sisters and their mother, Anita, sat in the waiting room talking about how much humor can help a tough situation…whether it be divorce, a break up, birthday, teenage problems, a mid-life crisis, cancer, etc.  

Hence began a speedy recovery for their father, Pete, and the beginning of a company, Better Half Bitter Half.  We strongly believe there is laughter for every chapter. We hope you do too!

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments on our line of cards.  We can be reached via email, info@bhbh.biz or by phone, 609-233-6191.

Nicole, her husband Todd and three children Cal, Sophie and Noah.

Gina, single mother of two teenagers, Taylor and Cydney.

A big thank you to our brother, Mike, who believed in our company and has enabled us to begin this journey
and to Taylor Caldwell who designed all the artwork!

Our family who has always found the "laughter for every chapter" through the years of better times and bitter times.   Our family, like yours we are sure, has survived marriage, divorce, pregnancies, plastic surgery, teenagers, cancer and more!  We found that laughter kept us going through good times and bad, hence the better half and bitter half was begun!